Entry #4

Newgrounds' file extensions?

2010-03-22 21:21:55 by TailsDollFan

Now this is a question that's been plaguing me forever now, but why does NG only allow certain file extensions such as Gif and Jpeg? Is it because they up less space?
It mostly annoys me because Gif and Jpg usually result in quality loss, whereas PNG is much higher quality and is better at anti-aliasing. I know it's small details, but it's just been annoying me that I constantly forget NG doesn't allow PONGs which causes me to resave the file and cause further quality loss.

Can anyone answer?


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2010-03-22 21:22:29

Haha, 'pongs'...


2010-03-22 22:43:27

they might allow PNGs in blogs in the future since they're allowed on the uploader right now. they might have never gotten around to integrating it after the file type became popular.